Equippable Item
To add a new item, go to Create -> Aurora FPS -> Inventory -> Item
We will create an object of a new item and we need to fill in all its fields
The name of the item.
The group to which the item belongs.

First Person Settings

First Person Object
Here we put the prefab of our item.
First Person Position
Setting the initial position of the item.
First Person Rotation
Setting the initial rotation of the item.

Drop Settings

Drop Weapon
Here we put a model of a item that can be selected.
Drop Rotation
The rotation of the object when dropping.
Drop Forward Multiplier
At what distance from the player the discarded object will appear.
Drop Force
Setting the force of the throw when dropping an object.
Drop Torque
Setting the torque when dropping an object.

Equip Settings

Select Time
The time of taking the item in hand.
Hide Time
The time when the object is removed from the hands.

Inventory Settings

Reusable means how many times we can use this item. Disabling this feature removes the item after it is used.

UI Settings

In Item Image, select the photo of the item.

Event Settings

All events in this sheet are called when loot an item.